Orthodontics Emergencies

For those who are browsing and already have braces, if you have a problem, here are some hints...

  • First, call our office. Often the problem can be solved with a brief conversation on the phone. If this is not possible, we will ask that you come to the office so we can remedy the situation. If it is on a weekend or we are away from the office, please leave a detailed message and/or call the after hours emergency service at (251) 208-3310 . In the interim, here are some helpful hints to make you more comfortable until we see you.
  • A wire is sticking in the cheek. You may use the wax over the wire until you can get to us to have it clipped or adjusted. Looking at the diagram below if it is a "tie wire" sometimes a pencil eraser can be used to push and bend the tie wire end toward the teeth.
  • A broken or loose bracket or band. It can generally be left in place until you are seen in our office. Call the office as soon as possible so we can schedule a repair visit so treatment is not interrupted. You may also use the wax if there is anything rubbing or irritating.
  • A broken archwire that is irritating the gum or cheek tissue needs to be seen as soon as possible for replacement or adjustment.
  • A removable appliance that is not fitting well should not be worn until it can be adjusted in our office.

It is important to realize that broken or loose appliances cannot do the orthodontic work that they need to do. Delay in contacting the office to make necessary adjustments or repairs leads to delay in treatment and will lengthen the amount of time necessary to finish treatment.